Georgian wine tasting days in France

The Association of Georgian Winemakers Association of Georgia and the Paris Association of Georgian Culture Cera Lazi were invited to the annual festival of “Yerres Winemakers” organized by the Association of Georgian Cultures, including the status of honorable guest. The wines of Georgian winemakers were also presented for tasting within the festival.

The closing of the festival was attended by Mr. Gocha Javakhishvili, Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Mayor, Fabris Godupi and Advisor to the Mayor of Tbilisi Mayor, Dominique Renson.

After the concert of Georgian folk dance organized by “Georgian Culture Kera Lazi” Mr. Michel Priel, founder of “Yerres Winemaking Union”, visited the Association of Winemakers Association of Georgia “Union” Marani.

“Ana Cheishvili, founder of the Georgian Winemaking Association read a report” Georgia – Viticulture and Winemaking “, after which Georgian winemakers presented their wines on tasting and were attended by members of” union “, French endocrinologists and winemakers.

As the founder of the Georgian Winemaking Association says, what was the first time when Yerres’s winemakers tasted Georgian wine, including kvevri wine.

“In the frames of the festival there was an interesting discussion between the wine and winemakers between wine and winemaking, the role of traditions in the field of wine and the participation of women in this area and on the future of Georgian wine on the French market, one of the main objectives of this meeting was the Georgian and Georgian winemaker Make friends with friends, “says BMG N Anna Cheishvili.

The Memorandum of Cooperation and Support was signed between the Association and the Association. At the end of the year “Georgian Winemakers Association” will host “Yerres Winemakers Union” in Georgia.