On March 31, the Georgian Winemaking Association’s Wine Tasting was held in Paris, organized by the Georgian restaurant in Paris and wine bar “Colchis”.

Wine tasters, bloggers, photographers and producers, as well as representatives of Georgian Diaspora attended the tasting.

According to the founder of “Georgian Winemaking Association”, it was especially interesting for female attendees to attend the audience and many guests said that the interest of discovery of wine installed by women was brought on tasting.

“The first union of winemakers in France has emerged in the early 1990s, but among the 20 associations that exist today, most of them have been founded over the last 10 years, if we find statistics from other countries, we will see that women’s role in winemaking is particularly active It has been a few years since This is one of the main reasons why this was one of the most important reasons for the visit of the Georgian Winemaking Association in Paris on March 31. At the same time, several important French-Georgian cooperation were planned for French wine specialists and Georgian Winemaker romlobit. “Association” in honor of Georgia brought the vines – local green planted outside a restaurant in Paris Georgian “, – says Anna Cheishvili.

Members of the Georgian Winemaking Association Gvantsa Abuladze (“Baia’s Wine”), Tinatin.Wine and Dona Ioseliani (Wine’s Angel) presented their wines on Paris tasting.

The tasting was: Tsitska, Krakuna, Tsolikouri, Rkatsiteli, Kakheti Green, Tavkiri and Ozheli.