Tinatin-Wine And A Winemaker-Toast With A Female Produced Wine!

Have you ever thought what can make you to quit your job, became a student again and start new business which has been thought to be a men’s realm for many years? In the wine industry for women the biggest complicating factor is wine itself but for Tinatin, as Shota Rustaveli in his The Knight in the Panther’s Skin says, ‘Tinatin made the sun seem flawed, the sun that imitated her,’ nothing can be complicated…


While working at winery Buneburi, she decided to broaden her knowledge at wine school ‘Kabistoni’ where she has inspired with creation of her own line of wine Tinatin. There were more interesting trainings, wine tastings, visiting family wineries and meeting wine producers. Tinatin, as a winemaker, realized the real value of process of winemaking from start to finish and truly understood the labor and love that goes into making an excellent wine before her new wines were born…

New Wines Kakhuri Mtsvane(qvevri), Saferavi and Chinuri are bottled with etiquette of a dancing lady is really catching not to say anything about flavor of wine itself…

And although the women in the generation before her really paved the way for her to have the opportunities she has had today with her wines, now more than ever, it’s important to toast the progress that she has made and why not do that with a female-produced wine?

To taste and toast, Tinatin will be waiting for you on May 11 at New Wine Festival 2019, though before that notably to say that in March Wine Tinatin had honor to be invited at the festival in Yerres, France by The Yerres Winemakers’ Union.

PS: To buy and taste Wine Tinatin is available at the wine shop Ze Ghvino/Wine

author Tiko Bujiashvili